Chico DeBarge has battled drug addiction and the legal issues connected with such in the past, and now he has another pending charge to contend with. The R&B singer was caught trying to breaking into his own vehicle and was approached by officers who discovered the drug meth in his possession.

We would like to warn readers that this story has a number of details some may find disturbing. KTLA anchor Chirs Burrous died from an overdose of crystal meth that was inserted in his anus.

Florida is the gift that keeps on giving. The latest bizarre news to arise from the Sunshine State involves a city official who was arrested for methamphetamine possession, and was later discovered to have a pipe hidden in his rectum.

By now you have surely seen OG rapper Too $hort’s suspect getaway skills after he was stopped by Los Angeles police for a DUI earlier this week. $hort Dog was charged with felony drug possession for allegedly trying to dispose of drugs in the back of a squad car, but those charges have been dismissed.

Too $hort’s police escape struggle has been caught on film.

Some people will do anything to get away from the cops!  A man wanted in Indiana on meth charges was found hiding from the police neck deep in pig and dog feces.  The manure was under an outbuilding on a farm an hour northeast from the courthouse. The officers had thought they had lost him […]

2009 has been a year of ups and downs for Method Man who’s found his name in the spotlight for unfortunate reasons. As previously reported, a woman filed charges against him claiming that he shot her with a pellet gun outside of one of his concerts. Things then took a steep turn for the worse […]

The legendary Wu is being brought to the frontline by the writings of their de facto leader, RZA. As previously reported, the book is titled the “Tao of Wu” and uses religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Five Percent, numerology, Kung Fu and chess to cite lessons and tales of the Wu. He recently spoke […]