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Some people will do anything to get away from the cops!  A man wanted in Indiana on meth charges was found hiding from the police neck deep in pig and dog feces.  The manure was under an outbuilding on a farm an hour northeast from the courthouse.

The officers had thought they had lost him until they saw movement in the manure while patrolling the area.  The police commented,

“He must have been standing up to his neck in the mixture for at least an hour, it was a disgusting scene.”

The 52-year old man had missed both of his court hearings which made the cops go look for him themselves.  Once found in the smelly hideout, the cops shocked the man with stun guns twice, and then took him to the nearest hospital to treat him for hypothermia.

Come on man, don’t you know not to hide in pig feces when you are running from the pigs!