A manager from an Olive Garden in Indiana has been fired after complying with the demands of a racist customer, who requested a waiter who wasn’t of color.

Carl Williams, a Black Indianapolis, Ind. man, was shot by city police after reporting a robbery at his home. According to reports, Williams was shot by an officer in the stomach after responding to an officer knocking at the door.

A weed bust got in the way of Twista’s business commitments last night (March 24). The Chicago native was arrested on his way to a performance in Indiana.

Three Sudanese immigrants who came to America with their families to find “peace and security,” were found shot to death last week. The bodies of the young men, shot “execution style,” were discovered in an abandoned residence in Fort Wayne,  Indiana.

Someone definitely overreacted to a spider being in the car. A mom in Indiana jumped from the moving vehicle, leaving her 9-year-old son, who was injured when the car subsequently cashed (because most children don’t know how to drive). 

A video clip of a fight between two white mothers inside an Indiana Walmart has gone viral, and the brawl features the 6-year-old son of one of the women getting involved as well. While police in the town of Beech Grove are investigating the matter, the mild coverage of the event might seem curious to […]

In Indiana, officers from the Hammond Police Department are in hot water after video showing them breaking a window and using a Taser gun on an unarmed Black man were released. The man and the driver of the vehicle filed a civil rights lawsuit while authorities scramble to defend the actions of the officers.

An Indiana man caught speeding on New Year’s Day in Ohio may have been trying to ring in 2014 in an entirely different fashion than most. After a police officer pulled over Andrew Scott Boguslawski for the moving violation, 48 bombs and a collection of weapons were later found.

A two-for-one movie excursion may result in a felony charge for an Indiana couple. Last weekend, the twosome was spotted by two cops trying to sneak into another theater after watching one film. 

A convicted murderer from Indiana was mistakenly released in Chicago.  On Tuesday (Jan. 29), the Indiana Corrections Department, sent Steven L. Robbins to Cook County to face drug charges, which were dropped for “reasons yet unknown.”

“Gun Appreciation Day” could’ve gone off without a hitch, but that wasn’t the case. Instead of attempting to show that guns can be used as a safety precaution, five people were shot in three separate incidents, proving the exact opposite theory.

Indiana man Randolph Linn, charged with setting fire to the largest mosque in the Toledo area of Ohio in September, pleaded guilty Wednesday (December 19) while at the town’s U.S. District Court.  Linn said that after downing 45 beers while watching Fox News and its continual criticism of Muslims and Islam, the broadcast got him “riled […]