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A two-for-one movie excursion may result in a felony charge for an Indiana couple. Last weekend, the twosome was spotted by two cops trying to sneak into another theater after watching one film. 

Lendsey and Delilha Harbin of Gary, Ind. (Michael Jackson’s birthplace) watched Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new flick Snitch, and decided to double up. As they were making their way into movie No. 2, the zombie film Warm Bodies, the couple was spotted by one of the officers, standing out thanks to Mr. Harbin’s outfit. He was reportedly wearing “very colorful clothing, white vest, white dress pants, and a bright red shirt.”

Bad idea when you’re trying to go under the radar.

The couple was confronted by the officers who asked to see their ticket stubs for Warm Bodies. They initially claimed not to be able to find the tickets, before cracking under pressure. “I know we done wrong,” Delilha said, according to the police report.

Once the flood gates were opened the Harbins admitted that they’d snuck to see more than one movie “3 to 4 other times.”

In their defense, the duo said that attending a funeral earlier in the day left their minds in a state of disarray which is why they took the risk of seeing another film without paying.

They were taken into custody “without incident,” and face a felony charge for not buying two more $6.75 tickets.

Photo: Smoking Gun