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A video clip of a fight between two white mothers inside an Indiana Walmart has gone viral, and the brawl features the 6-year-old son of one of the women getting involved as well. While police in the town of Beech Grove are investigating the matter, the mild coverage of the event might seem curious to some.

The clip opens up with a woman in a grey shirt riding up on a motorized scooter, angry about the number of carts in the aisle and complaining to a Walmart employee. Another woman defends the Walmart employee verbally, which sets off the woman who was riding the cart. The woman leaves her cart, appearing very able-bodied, and began attack a woman wearing a dark shirt.

Local outlet Fox 59 reported on the June 4 fight this past Monday. The video made its way online Friday and features the young boy hitting one of the women with a bottle. Despite the stir caused by the two, security guards and onlookers failed to break up the brawl nor were they charged. Beech Grove police said that they found the comments of the boy alarming, and will investigate what type of environment he’s being raised in before alerting Child Protective Services.

TheGrio ran an opinion piece about the Walmart brawl, noting how light reporting as been about the event and posing the question if race was a factor. With similar incidents such as these involving people of color, some could argue that the media’s attention on those events is somewhat more forceful. TheGrio gives several examples of fights involving Black people of a similar nature that made national headlines while the Beech Grove fight was barely a blip on media outlets.

Watch part 1 of the Indiana Walmart shampoo brawl below. Hit the jump to see part 2.

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