It seems Mayor Eric Adams has some more work to do. It has been reported over 150 New York City police offers have been involved in misconduct responding to George Floyd’s passing.

A Tennessee police department is the center of scandal after a married female officer was accused of engaging in sex acts with male officers.

'Cops' is making a comeback to television four months after Paramount canceled the show in response to George Floyd protests around the country. Why the comeback? Producers found a workaround to get back to filming without disrupting the civil unrest around the U.S.

Last week a gunman critically injured two lawmen in Los Angeles. Now LeBron James is being asked to contribute what he can to secure a capture.

Even though T.I. and 50 Cent were not seeing eye to eye on their discographies the two will indeed be paired in a different capacity. The MC’s will be working on a series about how Rap became a focus for the NYPD.


Now that the show has officially been canned, Executive Director of Color of Change, Rashad Robinson says he's glad Paramount took the proper action but "we want to see more."

Here’s another one for the “What white privilege?” and the “All lives matter” gang. A Georgia cop soothed an anxious white woman who feared he might shoot her by saying, “Remember, we only kill Black people.”

The Philadelphia Police Department cobbled together a video ad in hopes of fighting off “parking spot offenders.” Yes, you read that right. And because they’re “hip” to the game, they used Drake’s hit song “Hotline Bling” and computer-generated the Toronto rapper arranging orange traffic cones (cue side eye). The remix, “Hotline Savesies,” urges people to […]

A Georgia mom allegedly wrote that every White cop should be shot, on Facebook Monday (April 27), and was promptly arrested for making threats.  Authorities are on high alert in wake of the Baltimore protests and other riots spawned by police involved shootings of unarmed Black men, so they swarmed Ebony Dickens pretty quickly.

2 Chainz should be having a pretty good week since he is performing at the MTV VMAs this Sunday. However, the Atlanta rapper was arrested in Oklahoma last night after an alleged standoff between the authorities and the occupants of his tour bus.

Christopher Dorner’s claims of racism and police brutality within the LAPD has struck a chord with a former officer.  Joe Jones penned a manifesto in which he sympathized with Dorner.

Allegedly, some Maryland police officers have no sense of chill or professionalism. 2 Chainz was arrested in MD last night for weed possession. But the kicker is that police officers asked to take photo with the Def Jam rapper.