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Daily Life In New York City Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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It seems Mayor Eric Adams has some more work to do. It has been reported over 150 New York City police offers have been involved in misconduct responding to George Floyd’s passing.

As spotted on The Grio the New York Police Department could have responded better to the tragic killing of that turned the world upside down. According to the Civilian Complaint Review Board, or “CCRB”, over 600 complaints were received when the Big Apple collectively protested police brutality. On Monday, February 6 the organization released their findings via The 2020 Protest Report. Their investigation found that 150 badges were guilty of misconduct during the uproar including excessive force.

On May 30, 2020 multiple protestors were knocked over by a police vehicle. Another lawman reportedly pulled another protestor’s COVID-19 mask down and pepper sprayed them in the face. That same day a different set of offices tackled protestors and hit them over the head with batons. It was also confirmed others used physical force, such as pushes and shoves, against civilians in violation of NYPD Guidelines, abused their authority against members of the press and civilians who were not involved in protests and failed to provide medical attention to injured civilians.

The CCRB also faced multiple hurdles when investigating these complaints, many of which led to complaints being closed as “Officer Unidentified” because the CCRB could not determine which officers were involved in the alleged misconduct. Chief among these challenges were:

  • (1) the actions NYPD members took to conceal their identities, which prevented them from being identified by complainants, victims, and witnesses.
  • (2) the NYPD’s failure to track and document where officers, vehicles, and equipment were deployed.
  • (3) the NYPD’s failure to provide dispositive responses to requests for footage from BWCs and other NYPD-controlled cameras that resulted in delayed responses, false positives, false negatives, and inconsistent responses.
  • (4) investigative delays resulting from officers refusing to be interviewed remotely.
The Civilian Complaint Review Board is an independent oversight agency that investigates, mediates and prosecutes complaints of NYPD misconduct. You can read The 2020 Protest Report here