It seems Mayor Eric Adams has some more work to do. It has been reported over 150 New York City police offers have been involved in misconduct responding to George Floyd’s passing.


Why can’t Chief Keef chill? A week ago, he was arrested for smoking marijuana in an Atlanta hotel room. As if that wasn’t enough, the “I Don’t Like” rapper returns with allegations that the security guard who alerted authorities was racist.


Chief Keef was arrested in Atlanta yesterday (May 20) for smoking kush in his hotel room. We’re going to assume this wasn’t a way for the rapper to make his recent alignment with Gucci Mane’s Brick Squad all the more official. 

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Monica Dixon just had to get out of her clothes–and she didn’t care that there was a news conference going on at the time. The South Carolina woman was arrested for stripping as organizers of an anti-litter campaign addressed the media Tuesday (April 16).

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No one ever said the Vampire Life didn’t involve friction with the police. Jim Jones was arrested in front his home in New Jersey today for disorderly conduct, HipHop DX reports.


It was the epic uppercut seen, and heard, around the world Internets. Misdemeanor criminal charges were filed today against the male bus driver, Artis Hughes, 59, that 2-pieced a female passenger, Shi’dea “It Hurted” Lane, 25, in Cleveland a month ago. 

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The Hot Boys are back on fire as Juvenile reunites with Lil Wayne and Birdman on “Picture Perfect.” It’s been several years since we’ve heard the core of the original Cash Money clique on one record together, and a few months back (before an unfortunate incident) they reunited live on stage at LIV Nightclub in Miami. […]


Shortly after reuniting with his Hot Boyz partner, Lil Wayne, last month at LIV night club in Miami, Juvenile was arrested for disorderly conduct during a brawl that occurred at the hotel soon after the performance. Juve, real name Terius Gray,  plead “not guilty” to disorderly conduct after his arrest last month, following a brawl at […]