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Allegedly, some Maryland police officers have no sense of chill or professionalism. 2 Chainz was arrested in MD last night for weed possession. But the kicker is that police officers asked to take photo with the Def Jam rapper.

TMZ reports that 2 Titi was nabbed around 10:00pm last night. A white van the “I’m Different” rapper was travelling in for a show at the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore along with six people was pulled over by state troopers in Easton. 2 Chainz was the only person that was arrested (he claims he only had a “grinder” on him, no the “green”).

The rapper was taken to the local police station and released shortly, but not before posing with officers for a photo. Now the Hair Weave Killer is pissed because he insists the only reason the photo was taken because they asked. If this is true, how do you tell arresting officers “No” to such a request without fear of reprisal?

2 Chainz took to Twitter to vent his frustration. “UMES we on the way , dam police f-ckn wit a ni–a , we fina turnUP. Locked me up and then Wanted pictures smh,” he tweeted. “We to jail for a grinder??? REALLY???”

TMZ reached out to authorities and reports:

We asked the Maryland State Police WHO ASKED to take the photo … and a rep for the cops told us, “We cannot confirm who initiated that at this time.”

Ummm … how hard would it be to ask the cops???

Interesting Point — 2 Chainz posed the pic on HIS Twitter page … meaning it was most likely taken by someone in 2 Chainz’s camp … which would mean the rapper probably initiated the shoot.

Oooooor … the cops took the pic and sent it to 2 Chainz.

Something’s fishy here …

Despite the hold up, 2 Chainz made it to the UMES homecoming in time perform a  whole set.

Peep the photo in question on the next page. 2 Chainz does not look all that enthused.

Photo: Instagram

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