Weed Possession

Zach Randolph will be sending his lawyers a big present for the holidays. The NBA players cut a deal that avoids him having to do any jail time for his weed case. 

Blunt buddies (or is it Paper partners?) Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa are literally “hitting the high road” this summer. The multi-platinum selling rappers are embarking on “The High Road,” a hazy 33-city North American tour starting this July.

A weed bust got in the way of Twista’s business commitments last night (March 24). The Chicago native was arrested on his way to a performance in Indiana.

Michael Beasley‘s weed smoking cost him his NBA contract. The Phoenix Suns announced today (Sept. 3)  that they have terminated the enigmatic 24-year-old forward’s contract after he was popped for marijuana possession in early August. 

Riff Raff was arrested in North Carolina early Sunday (August 11) morning after allegedly getting caught with weed in his car. Why was his whip searched? Because he stopped in the middle of traffic to holla at some fans.

Lil’ Flip ain’t going down without a fight. The Houston rapper plead not guilty to charges that he was caught speeding in a car while in possession of weed and an illegally owned AR-15 assault rifle. 

Allegedly, some Maryland police officers have no sense of chill or professionalism. 2 Chainz was arrested in MD last night for weed possession. But the kicker is that police officers asked to take photo with the Def Jam rapper.

Suge Knight, once the most feared executive in Hip-Hop, got pinched for a weed charge in Las Vegas. Yesterday (February 8th) Suge was pulled over by cops for making an unsafe lane change in his Bentley, TMZ reports. When the authorities ran his name, multiple warrants for his arrest popped in their system. To make […]