“A real Beyotch from the 305, we don’t do Fawked up Shyte.  We don’t play no Fawked up, wack A$$ Beyotch Shyte before a real Beyotch come on stage.” Quite a mouthful from the Baddest Beyotch, Miami’s own Trina felt the need to address a few issues prior to performing at a party recently.  The […]

Pitbull may be finding himself in legal trouble once again as a canceled show in California has landed the Miami rapper with a lawsuit. Set to take place in Cudahy, it was reported that El Potrero Night Club was responsible for the suit as they have made allegations that the Latin rapper was a no-show […]

Immigrants hoping to start life anew on America’s opportunity-laden shores have always been targets to those that seek to destroy them as a mean to turn profits. In one of the largest cases of fraud against minorities on record, three men have been accused of running a very lucrative ponzi scheme, using Haitian-American investors as […]

T-Pain has never been one to shy away from the limelight, with his appearance at a recent event proving no different. The auto-tuned crooner and top hat aficionado signaled an end to one of his more “coonish” ideas, laying his infamous “Big A$$ Chain” to rest in in an effigial  ceremony.