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Camila McMillie Mugshot

Source: Miami-Dade Corrections / Miami-Dade Corrections

Camila McMillie, a mom of two traveling out of Miami International Airport, was arrested after losing her children and having an outburst this week. In a now-viral video clip, McMillie was seen destroying equipment at the airport after she couldn’t locate her children and faces a number of charges.

As reported by the outlet Local 10, Camila McMillie, 25, was traveling to New York out of Miami on Tuesday (Dec. 20) and became irate with American Airlines workers after she couldn’t locate her children. According to reports, the children went to the bathroom without informing their mother, promoting her to request help from the staff. It isn’t known or wasn’t shared in the reporting if airline workers attempted to assist McMillie, but the moment sparked a violent fit of rage.

The video that surfaced online shows McMillie grabbing a computer monitor from a counter and throwing it at an airline employee, and snatching the digital boarding pass reader from its base. The video was obtained by the online account @OnlyInDade and is making its rounds on social media.

McMillie’s children, ages six and eight, were found to be unharmed. However, McMillie was detained by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer and arrested by local police.

Camila McMillie faces a number of charges, including aggravated assault, criminal mischief, and more.

On Twitter, the reaction to the video is ongoing, which can be viewed below.

Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections