The biggest Afrobeats celebration is coming to the United States. Following successful festivals in Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean, Afro Nation takes the next step with Afro Nation Miami 2023.

A video shoot for French Montana in Miami Gardens, Fla. erupted into gunfire on Thursday (Jan. 5) leaving New Orleans rapper Rob49 injured.

Camila McMillie, a mother of two traveling out of Miami International Airport, was arrested after losing her children and having an outburst.

Almost a year after his passing it’s still long live Virgil. This December, Nike will honor Virgil Abloh’s creative legacy with a four-day experience during Miami Art Week.

The Red Bull Batalla USA National Finals concluded in Miami and crowned Venezuelan-American MC OneR as its champion.

Toni Chester, a 17-year-old girl and niece of rapper Trina, was among three shot in Miami. Chester was pronounced dead on the scene.


While the shootings in Miami is making news, the truth of the matter is that gun violence is on the rise all over the United States

However, the Chicago superstar hosted a lavish listening event in Miami for DONDA 2 on Tuesday but Twitter observed a number of technical difficulties which prompted a flurry of responses on the social media network.

The girlfriend offered what was thought to be an official statement to police and an additional one on Instagram saying that the couple just had a loud disagreement.

The other occupants of the vehicle, including a toddler and an older boy, were unharmed according to police.

Music producer Flow La Movie, his partner, and their 4-year-old son died in a plane crash in a small jet bound for Florida Wednesday (Dec. 15) evening. The Puerto Rican producers worked alongside several songs for the likes of Bad Bunny, Ozuna, J Balvin, and more.

According to one outlet, the 19-year-old artist was reportedly shot five times but details are largely scant.