Well, that’s that. After former Vice President Joe Biden’s outstanding and decisive showing during Super Tuesday, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has decided to suspend his Presidential campaign.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is fighting to improve his standing on the Democratic Party stage as a presidential hopeful, but a new hashtag on Twitter unveils potentially damaging viewpoints. On Twitter, #BloombergIsRacist has been trending with users alleging that Bloomberg supported policies that oppressed others. 

You can pay for school but money can’t buy you common sense. Michael Bloomberg is about to learn a thing or two with his recent announcement.

Michael Bloomberg has entered his name into the presidential race for 2020, and now he’s having to answer for some ham-handed policies during his reign as mayor of New York. The billionaire businessman is now apologizing for the city’s overuse and reliance on its uneven “stop and frisk” tactic, which is still a sore spot […]

Over the course of the Democratic National Convention, many speakers took dumps all over the character of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton to Tim Kaine to Mario Cuomo. But Michael Bloomberg got Cheeto Jesus so mad that he has threatened the former Mayor of NYC with the fade. 

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has suffered setbacks regarding the NYPD‘s “stop-and-frisk” policy, this after the City Council overrode and voted against  his veto of bills designed to curtail the practice. Attacking the New York Times earlier this year, and later President Barack Obama via an op-ed, Bloomberg is now on the offensive.

Anthony Weiner is not only looking towards redemption, political vindication is also on the menu. The former Congressman’s career was soiled thanks to a s-xting scandal two years ago, but he’s hoping that running for mayor of New York will allot him a second chance at making a first impression.

Jay-Z has been on plenty of magazine covers [see: Every Jay-Z Magazine Cover, Ever*], but this one is definitely special. Hova graces the front of TIME magazine, which is most definitely a big deal.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is making it easy for residents in the state to cast their ballots. The region has not quite recovered from Superstorm Sandy, prompting Christie to allow voting via email or by fax, as announced over the weekend. Voters can download a ballot before submitting it to their local county clerk’s office. […]

New Yorkers are still struggling during what is expected to be a long road to recovery thanks to Hurricane Sandy, which hit the East Coast as a tropical cyclone, last week. Up to 40,000 New Yorkers have been left homeless in Sandy’s aftermath, and the city is bracing for a cold front dropping temperatures to […]

In a 2011 Associated Press report, 50,000 low-level weed arrests took place in New York per year, more than any other reported crime in the city’s justice system. One out of seven cases in criminal court involved pot, with Black and Hispanic men making up the bulk of the arrested. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo […]