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Michael Bloomberg Speaks At Predominantly Black Church In Brooklyn, New York

Source: Yana Paskova / Getty

Michael Bloomberg has entered his name into the presidential race for 2020, and now he’s having to answer for some ham-handed policies during his reign as mayor of New York. The billionaire businessman is now apologizing for the city’s overuse and reliance on its uneven “stop and frisk” tactic, which is still a sore spot for many residents of color in the city.

New York Daily News reports:

“I now see that we could and should have acted sooner, and acted faster, to cut the stops,” he said at a black megachurch in Brooklyn on Sunday.

“I wish we had and I’m sorry that we didn’t, but I can’t change history,” he continued. “However, today I want you to know that I realized back then that I was wrong and I’m sorry.”

The remarks came during Bloomberg’s first speech since he began taking steps to enter the Democratic presidential primary earlier this month.

Current New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was one of the many who called out Bloomberg’s apology, doing so in a message via Twitter which can be viewed below.

Photo: Getty