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According to Michael Cohen, Kanye wore the mask because he says Ye was "mobbed" by fans a day earlier and wanted some privacy as he roamed the streets of New York City.

The president's former attorney and top advisor prepared some bombshells in his upcoming book, including that pesky Russian matter.

Several prisons have taken measures to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus, granting temporary release to some prisoners.

Michael Cohen is currently testifying in front of the House Oversight Committee but ahead of the congressional hearing, the former Trump insider offered written testimony. In his statement, Cohen accused President Donald Trump of issuing racist jabs at President Barack Obama and Black Americans.

Trump‘s former lawyer Michael Cohen is going on record to put Trump’s racist rhetoric on front street. In an interview with Vanity Fair’s Emily Jane Fox , he claims no. 45 made many disparaging remarks aimed at Black folks.

Michael Cohen, the former attorney for President Donald Trump and a close member of the business mogul’s inner circle, found himself at the center of a federal investigation for a number of charges. In his first interview since his home was raided by the FBI, Cohen shared that his loyalty is his family and country […]