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Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

President Donald Trump is a naughty boy, that is if Michael Cohen‘s insider information is actually true. The former advisor and attorney to the former business mogul aims to share details of Trump’s golden shower kinks, Russian ties, and much more in a new tell-all book.

In his upcoming book, Disloyal, Cohen, who has fallen from grace within the Trump administration and in his legal profession, intends to unload some of the more explosive claims heard yet about the sitting president.

From Disloyal‘s foreword:

When Trump wanted to reach Russian President Vladimir Putin, via a secret back channel, I was tasked with making the connection in my Keystone Kop fashion. I stiffed contractors on his behalf, ripped off his business partners, lied to his wife Melania to hide his sexual infidelities, and bullied and screamed at anyone who threatened Trump’s path to power. From golden showers in a sex club in Vegas, to tax fraud, to deals with corrupt officials from the former Soviet Union, to catch and kill conspiracies to silence Trump’s clandestine lovers, I wasn’t just a witness to the president’s rise—I was an active and eager participant.


Using his favored vehicle of Twitter, Trump responded to Cohen’s mic drop as expected.

“Everybody does phony books on Donald Trump and Republicans, just like the Fake Dossier, which turned out to be a total fraud perpetrated by Crooked Hillary Clinton and the DNC……The Bob Woodward book will be a FAKE, as always, just as many of the others have been. But, believe it or not, lately I’ve been getting lots of GREAT books,” Trump tweeted.

To read the entire foreword, click this link.

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