Sexual abuse is being taken very seriously thus luxury brands also have to sensitive to victims across the world. In Louis Vuitton’s case they are put the kibosh on one of their newest drops.

With the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death approaching, it seems as if the inheritance that his three children will receive has been revealed. According to News Of The World, Prince, 13, Paris, 12, and Blanket, 8, will each receive $33-million dollars. Knowing well that his children would have to endure vultures and skeptical characters out […]

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Katherine Jackson has apparently had enough of taking care of her grandkids and wants them out. According to TMZ, the Jackson family matriarch has given ex-daughter in law Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza and her four children until the end of the week to vacate the property. Oaziaza, who is currently living on the property with her […]

It’s been 10 months since Michael Jackson was taken away from the world of the living and there is still ongoing controversy behind his death. For Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket, life without their father is becoming an adjustment as they must gradually come to cope with and find a means to push forward in […]

There are rumors flying that the young man in the picture is MJ’s son that he kept on the low. This is reportedly Michael Jackson’s secret son – a 25-year-old singer who’s said to be getting a DNA test to confirm whether he is MJ’s love child. Intriguingly, Norwegian Omer Bhatti – circled in the […]


Who would have known??? “The King Pop’s” children aren’t biologically his. It looks like Michael, Jr., Paris and Prince Michael II were conceived through in-vitro fertilization and none of the DNA matches him or the mother of two of the kids. See what our sister site Bossip has to say on the matter. Read more […]