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Katherine Jackson has apparently had enough of taking care of her grandkids and wants them out.

According to TMZ, the Jackson family matriarch has given ex-daughter in law Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza and her four children until the end of the week to vacate the property.

Oaziaza, who is currently living on the property with her kids by both Randy and Jermaine Jackson, obviously has been more of a hindrance to the 79-year old grandmother than help.

Because according to published reports, it was Oaziaza’s 13-year old son Jaafar that ordered the stun gun via mail that caused the investigation by child protective services.

Although Oaziaza and her brood must vacate, Katherine isn’t kicking the out on the street as she is relocating the family to a condo owned by the estate in San Fernando Valley.

SMH, Oaziaza should be ashamed of herself for sleeping with two brothers then making their mom take care of her kids. Where is Joe at with that belt when you need him?