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Joe Jackson, the patriarch of the mega-talented Jackson family, has died. He was 89. 


UPDATE: Joe Jackson has passed away. Joe Jackson will be spending his final days in the hospital. The patriarch of the Jackson family who steered the Jackson 5 to international acclaim will spend the rest of his time surrounded by family. 


Joe Jackson, the patriarch of the Jackson family and architect of the Jackson 5, has terminal cancer. The 89-year-old has been hospitalized and is reportedly in the last stages.


Jackson family patriarch, Joe Jackson is 87-years-old carrying on like he’s 53. After recently suffering a stroke (and several heart attacks) the cause can be linked to his popping Viagra like they were SweeTARTS® because he’s been getting a lot of attention from P.Y.T.’s as of late. Reports Daily Mail: The 87-year-old flew into the […]


Michael Jackson‘s dad, Joe Jackson, suffered a stroke while in Brazil, yesterday (July 26). The 87-year-old patriarch of the Jackson family remains hospitalized.

Joe Jackson is planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit against, Dr. Conrad Murray the man that gave Michael Jackson a lethal dose of the drug Propofol. According to TMZ, the Jackson family patriarch served the doctor a document outlining the claims he’ll bring up against him in court. According to the document obtained by […]

Joe Jackson is continuing to make headlines for his odd behavior after the death of his son Michael Jackson. This time, the Jackson family patriarch claims that it’s his estranged wife Katherine’s fault that their son died June 25th last year of cardiac arrest. In an interview with News Of The World, Joe claims that […]

The funeral, turned circus, of Michael Jackson is still making news almost a year after the fallen Icon’s death.  Forest Lawn in Glendale, California, where Michael Jackson was finally laid to rest, may allow fans to visit the grounds of his tomb for the first anniversary of his death, June 25th. Arrangements for a ceremony […]

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Katherine Jackson has apparently had enough of taking care of her grandkids and wants them out. According to TMZ, the Jackson family matriarch has given ex-daughter in law Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza and her four children until the end of the week to vacate the property. Oaziaza, who is currently living on the property with her […]