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We just got blessed with a few trailers from the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto V video game. However, gamers are insatiable, but the have been just blessed with over a dozen new screen shots from the highly anticipated title. 

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Rockstar Games has to make up for the delay of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V someway. Today, the developer released three trailers from the latest and forthcoming installment in the open world video game franchise.

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A father out of Detroit has been paying child support for his son who died 25 years ago. Lional Campbell’s continues with monthly installments for his son, Michael, and is fighting to be absolved of the duty.

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The events that have transpired in the Jackson family over the last week are not only embarrassing and sad, but have shown the public what we may not have already known; the late great Michael Jackson was not the crazy one. During the latter half of his life, much of the King of Pop’s energy was focused […]