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The events that have transpired in the Jackson family over the last week are not only embarrassing and sad, but have shown the public what we may not have already known; the late great Michael Jackson was not the crazy one. During the latter half of his life, much of the King of Pop’s energy was focused on his three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket. After his death he left custody to his mother Katherine, who appears to be a pawn in a silly game of greed and craziness.

From Aunt Janet (Ms. Jackson…if you’re nasty) attempting to physically stop Twitter-happy Paris from going into her own house, to transferring their mother to some random facility in Arizona, these Jacksons are relentless in their quest to remain the  most dysfunctional family in America.

What’s worse is that Michael’s kids are stuck in the middle of a financial tug of war. Even though the Jacksons (yes you, Randy) are pretending that the turmoil has nothing to do with money , there’s nearly $1 billion at stake, money of which started pouring in after the pop legend’s death two years ago.

This family has been divided for years, but this latest debacle takes the cake on the “bat sh-t crazy” meter, and below are five reasons why.


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