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We just got blessed with a few trailers from the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto V video game. However, gamers are insatiable, but the have been just blessed with over a dozen new screen shots from the highly anticipated title. 

Gamespot, got a preview of the game, we’re jealous, and reported back about the gameplay, specifically a heist sequence.

“What makes a good heist sequence so exciting? Not the kinds of elegant, stealthy heists that you might see in films like The Thomas Crown Affair… Think more along the lines of the bold, explosive heists that you see in films like Michael Mann’s Los Angeles crime epic Heat. Sequences like these often end up involving gunfire, but that’s not what separates a great heist scene from an average one. What really pulls you in to a scene like this is the sense of planning that the criminals have put into it, the awareness of all the coordinated, moving pieces that have to work together to pull the job off successfully, and the tension of not knowing if things will go off without a hitch, or if everything will fall apart. This is the kind of heist sequence that GTAV aims to let you experience…

For the bigger jobs, you’ll also be able to build out your crew beyond just the three core protagonists, perhaps hiring additional drivers or other specialists who have their own skill levels and who take a cut of the overall score that’s proportionate to their skills. Will you go with cheap help who take a smaller cut but might botch the job, or will you put together a costly but skillful group of seasoned professionals? Instead of just playing through an action sequence that might remind you of a scene from one of your favorite crime films, you might get to do something closer to designing your own incredible heist sequence. Eat your heart out, Michael Mann.”

 Check out all the new images, featuring a speedboat, dude in masks with guns, a scuba diver and more, in the gallery.
Photos: Rockstar Games

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