murder conviction

In a swift-moving trial, rapper Tay-K 47 won’t be seeing the light of day anytime soon after verdicts were handed down in his murder and aggravated robbery case. The Dallas teen born Taymor McIntyre was hit with 55 years for the murder charge, and an additional 30 and 13 for the counts of aggravated robbery.

While Bobby Shmurda‘s legal woes continue on, members of the GS9 street gang that the rapper is allegedly aligned with have been convicted of murder. Two men from the GS9 street gang were convicted of the 2013 slaying of a rival gang member in Brooklyn.

Bad news for Max Biggavelli. An appeals court has upheld the murder conviction and 75-year sentence given to Max B for his role in a 2006 robbery at a Fort Lee hotel which turned deadly. Max B, real name Charly Wingate, had argued that the Bergen County Superior Court judge who tried his case had erred […]

As G-Dep sits in jail on murder charges, his former boss, Sean “Diddy” Combs, is still surprised by the whole thing. Diddy stopped by Hot 97 to give his opinion on Dep’s guilty verdict. “I was like, ‘Wow’,” he told Funkmaster Flex. “None of that was in G. Dep’s nature.