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In a swift-moving trial, rapper Tay-K 47 won’t be seeing the light of day anytime soon after verdicts were handed down in his murder and aggravated robbery case. The Dallas teen born Taymor McIntyre was hit with 55 years for the murder charge, and an additional 30 and 13 for the counts of aggravated robbery.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

McIntyre was convicted Friday of murder and three aggravated robbery charges related to a 2016 home invasion in Mansfield that left Ethan Walker, 21, dead and his roommate, Zachary Beloate, wounded.

McIntyre, who was 16 when the murder occurred but was later certified to stand trial as an adult, had faced five to 99 years or life in prison on each conviction.

He will have to serve at least half of the 55-year prison sentence before becoming eligible for parole.

After the verdict, Richard Walker, Ethan’s father, took the stand and thanked jurors and State District Judge Wayne Salvant before addressing McIntyre.

“I have tried to live a good life and I know hate is a very negative emotion but right now there are three people I hate,” Richard Walker said. “One is the planner, one is the person who pulled the trigger and one is the person who profited off of this and saw this as a career move.

“Every lyric to The Race is stained with my son’s blood. Every ‘free Tay-K’ T-shirt that was ever sold has my son’s blood on it,” Richard Walker said, referring to the rapper’s platinum hit, The Race, about his run from authorities.

The song that Walker is referring to was reportedly recorded while Tay-K was on the run from the police. He was arrested in New Jersey after cutting off his ankle monitor while on house arrest in Texas.

Tay-K is still facing a capital murder charge in Bexar County in connection to the shooting death of a 23-year-old photographer in 2017.

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