Another day, another Katt Wiliams story, and this time the enigmatic comedian explains one of the infamous moments of his current public meltdown. According to Williams, the Target employee that he pimp slapped called him the N-word.

Stephen A. Smith, the fiery ESPN analyst and co-host of blustery morning sports show First Take has found himself in the middle of another potential controversy after reportedly dropping the “n-bomb” on live TV. While discussing favorite subject the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, Smith seems to have let the word slip while speaking on the All-Star’s foot […]

National Lampoon and Saturday Night Live legend Chevy Chase is under fire after breaking the unwritten code of ethics in Black/White relations.  In a reported protest over lines intended for his bigoted character Pierce Hawthorne of NBC’s Community, Chase used the “n-word” towards the show’s writers, claiming he feared that his character would be asked to  use […]

Gawker Writer Not Fired For Using ‘Ni**a’ In Kanye West Post   Gawker editor-in-chief A.J. Dauelerio deemed it necessary to clarify that Seth Abramovitch was not fired for his use of the N-word in a post making light of Kanye West’s DONDA endeavor. “I’d like to reiterate here that there were other factors before and […]

V-Nasty Responds To Using The N-Word Kreayshawn’s White Girl Mob member V-Nasty, who has been criticized for using the “N-Word” since Kreayshawn’s rise to fame, obvious don’t care what you N-Words have to say, she’s not going to stop using it. In a Youtube view released today, V-Nasty, who in her own words is “the […]

Kreayshawn Confronted For Using “N-Word” White female rapper Kreayshawn and her White Girl Mob have been under fire in the media for their use of the “N-Word.” During an interview with the “Gucc Gucci” rapper, radio personality Tazz Daddy of Philly’s Power 99 wasn’t about to let Kreayshawn slide without confronting her about it. Despite […]

A prolific 11-year old boy is making headlines for his bold speech on one of the most controversial words in American culture. Jonathan E. McCoy is a gifted child that’s speaking out against people’s use of the N word. He’s receiving national praise and acclaim for his youthful words of wisdom, even receiving a Presidential […]