name change

During an interview with The Shaderoom, the “Queen of Da Souf” has publicly declared that she is changing her name after being dragged online and after critics began labeled a “colorist” over it’s origin.

Nicknames and double personas are a common theme in Hip-Hop. Young Thug however is taking it to the next level.

Sean Combs is a man of many hustles. As the mogul works towards the release of his new album MMM, he quietly announced he will be changing his name back to his old moniker Puff Daddy.

Calling a team the Washington Football Team” is offensive to Native Americans, period. President Barack Obama seems to agree after noting in a recent interview that the Washington Washington Football Team should think about changing their name when considering how many people are offended by its use.

He may be unemployed, but Chad Ochocinco can still make money—provided that he changes his last name. Adult entertainment site, PornHub, offered the former New England Patriots wide receiver $69,000 to rename himself Chad Seisnueve (or Chad Sixty-Nine).

Kanye West has changed the name of his new track, the Hit-Boy produced  “Theraflu,” featuring DJ Khaled and DJ Pharris, to “Way Too Cold.” Yeezy made the announcement yesterday via his website. There are no specifics, beyond the track being available for $1.29 on iTunes, as to why he changed the name of the […]

“It’s going to be the craziest album out of the four.  It’s going to be the most hood, but the girls are going to get into it because we’re going to keep it live.” The West Coast has almost been on life support for quite some time in Hip-Hop.  Taking it from New York just […]

With age a person is expected to show a heightened sense of maturity and a willingness to rid themselves of childlike tendencies. In order to grow in the business aspect, it is necessary to shed certain skins that have held a person back more than benefited them. For rapper Killer Mike, disposing of the ‘Killer’ […]