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Black folks did their thing in music, film, television and literature this year. This year’s NAACP Image Awards nominations reflect that perfectly. 


Nate Parker can’t win for losing. The Birth of a Nation director’s name is involved in another sexual misconduct allegation at Penn State. 

Nate Parker‘s past has been following him for the past few months leading up to the release of his highly anticipated The Birth Of A Nation film. With stunningly low box office results over the weekend, it appears possible that controversy over Parker’s dismissed rape case had an effect on moviegoers.

With Nate Parker’s Birth Of  A Nation set to hit theaters this week, here’s what critics and some of your favorite rappers are saying about the Nat Turner biopic.

Birth Of A Nation director Nate Parker found himself in a hotbed of controversy after accusations that he and a fellow student at Pennsylvania State University raped a student began to surface. In an upcoming interview, Parker says he was “falsely accused” of rape and has no intentions of apologizing for what happened in 1999.

Seems like everyone has an opinion on whether or not Nate Parker still deserves support after past rape allegations have come to light again. Al Sharpton and Anthony Anderson are a couple of prominent figures who have come out in support of the actor and The Birth of a Nation director.

Nate Parker was poised to become a superstar with the release of his highly touted film, The Birth Of A Nation. However, thanks to a lackluster answer to a question about his past, the film’s roll out is in jeopardy while a debate has been sparked (actually, rehashed) about whether a man accused of rape […]