In 2020 Rihanna continues to add big wins to her mogul resume her fans have been left wondering where is the new music. She has confirmed that her new project is still coming.


Controversy hung over the U.S. Military Academy at West Point during the annual Army vs. Navy football game earlier in the month where cadets and midshipmen were seen making “OK” hand signals. Although the hand symbols were initially deemed as gestures connected to white supremacy, West Point officials have cleared the men of any wrongdoing.

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Microsoft Xbox Controllers will be taking the term universal to another level. The US Navy will now be using the popular peripheral to control periscopes on their submarines.


As details from the Chattanooga reserve center shooting in Tennessee continue to develop, authorities say the event has come to a violent end. The shooting took place at a Navy Reserve center and a military recruiting center in two separate instances, and the investigation to discover why the shooter opened fired is underway.

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Vice President Joe Biden has more than his political duties to contend with, this after one of his sons was kicked out of the military recently. Hunter Biden was booted from the Navy for cocaine use, just after joining the branch last year.


In a tragic event as a result of retaliation, the family of a Navy sailor was executed earlier today. Taking place near Mexico City, more than a dozen hit men rushed into the home of the family and murdered the mother, sister, and aunt of Melquisedet Angulo Cordova while two of his brothers were badly […]

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Officials within the armed forces and civilians alike are celebrating the construction of a new ship within America’s naval fleet. Jackson, Mississippi bore witness to a unique moment in history, with Navy brass and local officials all celebrating the commission of the USNS Medgar Evers. Named to honor the legendary civil rights hero turned martyr, […]