Black Republican and Florida Congressional candidate Allen West recently held a town hall meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida defending the Tea Party and shunning the NAACP. West’s town hall meeting comes as the ongoing firestorm between the two organizations continues. As previously reported the NAACP passed a resolution asking Tea Party leaders to denounce the […]

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Mark Williams, the Tea Party express spokesman that released a controversial letter mocking the NAACP as coloreds who want to bring slavery back, has been expelled. The National Tea Party Federation released a statement on his expulsion from the organization saying that they not only kicked him out of his position but expelled his subgroup, […]

Alivn Greene, the mystery man who won South Carolina’s Democratic primary with no campaign, shocked critics Sunday when he delivered his first public speech without a hitch. Greene spoke at an NAACP meeting in Manning, South Carolina and focused on jobs, education and justice. The military vet who now has his own action figure even […]

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The tea party is garnering more attention, this time from the second in command Vice President Joe Biden. On Sunday’s episode of ABC’s “This Week” the Vice President says that the group may have dissimilar views than others but he does not believe that it is racist. According to the Vice President the tea party […]

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Teaparty Express spokesman Mark Williams is continuing to make headlines for his comments about the NAACP. As previously reported Williams appeared on CNN’s “The Situation Room: With Wolf Blitzer” and told journalist Roland Martin that the NAACP was racist and trying to benefit off of skin color. His response came after the The National Association […]

Tea Party Express spokesman Mark Williams made an appearance CNN Wednesday and made an unexpected comment to journalist Roland Martin. The two men were debating on an episode of “The Situation Room: With Wolf Blitzer” when the Tea Party spokesman took a controversial swipe at the National Association for The Advancement Of Colored People. A […]

With the possibility of recreational marijuana becoming legal in California due to Prop 19, more endorsements have come out in support of its legalization. The NAACP is the latest organization to offer support for the initiative. The NAACP expressed support and “unconditional endorsement” for the initiative after considering recent study released by the Drug Policy […]

Graduation is meant to serve as a time for celebration as a youth makes a transition in life towards a higher plateau. With many swarming to local stores for cards, the NAACP has called for one particular “greeting” to be pulled, stating that it’s content can be deemed as being racist. It is a graduation […]

56 years ago today the U.S. Supreme court voted to end segregation in schools. The monumental move was made through the Brown v.s. Board Of Education of Topeka Court Case. The case takes its name from Oliver Brown, a Kansas man who filed a lawsuit saying that his daughter Linda

Benjamin Hooks the longtime Civil rights leader and the former executive director of the NAACP has died. State Rep. Ulysses Jones who was a member of the church where Hooks was pastor, told news outlets that  leader died early Thursday at his home, following a long illness.

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The ongoing battle between the NAACP and Wells Fargo is officially over. As previously reported Wells Fargo’s mortgage lending practices were being questioned not only by the NAACP but by the state of Illinois. A federal lawsuit was filed against the bank accusing it of disproportionately selling African-American and Hispanic borrowers high-cost, subprime mortgages, while […]

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To some, there is no price that could be put on the work that Bobby DeLaughter has done. Granted a special place in America’s history books for spearheading an effort that lead to the conviction of Byron de la Beckwith, the man that assassinated NAACP chief Medgar Evers, Delaughter now finds himself in the position […]