After a rally in Omaha, Neb., a state he is sure to win, Trump left a large crowd of supporters to fend for themselves in the cold with several reports of the elderly and others suffering under chilly weather conditions.

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For a country that celebrates its colors and independence in every facet of life, the amount of blatant racism displayed on the regular in the United States never ceases to amaze and wow. Especially in the rural areas.

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In Omaha, Neb., a video featuring a cursing Black toddler released by the police union in an effort to bring to light the “cycle of violence and thuggery” shocked many as it went viral. The toddler and three other children have been taken into protective custody, police said on Wednesday (December 8).


A federal judge sided with a money saving stripper, ordering Nebraska police to return the $1 million confiscated during a routine traffic stop. Tara Mishra, 33, stacked her fortune one dollar at a time (no, seriously) throughout her 15-year stripping career.


An elderly man in Nebraska realized that he was hungry for a pizza, after driving his vehicle through a local pizza shop. Rolling in a white Honda fit, the man crashed through the front of Valentino’s restaurant in Lincoln, Wednesday (Jan. 9) just after 11:30 a.m.

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Proud parents Sean “Diddy” Combs and Misa Hylton-Brim hit the Rose Ball in Pasadena, California to take in their son, Justin’s first game as a UCLA Bruin. Although he is a redshirt freshman this season and will most likely not play this season unless it is an emergency, that didn’t temper the excitement of the […]


Marcus Jordan, son of NBA great Michael Jordan was fined $250 Thursday (Aug. 23) for disturbing the peace during an argument last month. According to Sports Illustrated, the fines stems from Marcus arguing with two women outside of an Omaha hotel. Police responded to a disturbance call at an Embassy Suites hotel, in July. The […]