Nelly wants the case thrown out. The St. Louis rapper is hoping a judge dismisses a lawsuit brought against him by a British woman who claimed he raped her in England.

On Friday (July 13), Grammy Award Winning artist, Nelly took the stage at DAER Nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City.

Nelly is once again under criminal investigation for sexual. This time, in England. 


Just when it seemed like Nelly was about done fighting off that sexual assault charge, two more women have come forward with their own stories of misconduct from the St. Louis rapper. Accusations that Nelly’s current wifey pushed back against this past Thursday (Jan. 25).

Nelly‘s troubles regarding recent sexual assault allegations are still brewing. Now two more women have stepped forward alleging that the veteran rapper has also assaulted them in separate instances.

Nelly may be rethinking going so hard against his alleged victim. The woman who accused the St. Louis rapper of sexual assault wants the judge to order him not to sexually assault women. 


Just when it seemed like Nelly was in the clear of those rape allegations his accuser is re-opening her case against the “Country Grammar” rapper.

Nelly is in the clear after prosecutors chose not to charge him with rape. However, the St. Louis rapper is going the extra step of suing his accuser for false claims. 

Seems like Nelly has successfully ducked becoming part of the purge. The rape charges that St. Louis rapper was potentially facing have been dropped by the prosecutor. 


The saga of Nelly being accused of rape took a dramatic turn. The accuse now refuses to testify and wants the case dropped. 


The Hip-Hop world collectively said “WTF?” upon learning that Nelly had been arrested for allegedly raping a woman on a tour bus. The St. Louis rapper has been released and commented on the non-charges, basically saying they’re bogus.

Nelly is getting the kind of “fan luv” that DJ Khaled can only dream of. Instead of kicking him while he’s down, fans are rallying together to raise money to help Nelly pay off his $2.4 million IRS debt.