It seems there was no limit to Jay-Z’s rapport with the Miller family in the 1990’s. Silkk The Shocker recalls Hov declining payment over a verse.

Reports are scant at the moment but a fellow New Orleans artist made a tweet suggesting Skull Duggery passed away.

When Percy “Master P” Miller released his fifth solo album Ice Cream Man on April 16, 1996, his career was at a turning point. With one foot in the studio and one foot still in the street, Master P was living a life where he was either on the cusp of stardom, or inches away from […]

After severing half of a 30-year sentence on what he insists is a wrongful manslaughter conviction, McKinley “Mac” Phipps has new information that could possibly set him free. An attorney for Phipps accuses prosecutors of withholding evidence in the case.

The history behind Master P’s No Limit Records is so dense, it could have a movie written about it. That is the plan for the 45-year-old multi-millionaire music mogul (a mouthful of M’s, we’ll say) to create a No Limit Records biopic down the line, but first he has some other fish to fry.

There is nothing like a great comeback story. With a hit record vying the charts, appearances on primetime television such as Ellen, you can say Michael “Mystikal” Tyler is experiencing one.

A collaboration between members of the No Limit Records and Cash Money Records cliques was unthinkable at one time, but here we have Master P’s “Power,” featuring Lil Wayne.

There may be sufficient evidence that the good die young, but that doesn’t make any easier to digest. When it comes to being a young Hip-Hop artist, there’s usually a certainty of leaving behind a destiny unfulfilled.

  Percy “Master P” Miller had one of the most historic runs in Hip-Hop with his No Limit Records enterprise. Beginning in the early 1990s, the New Orleans native dominated the landscape for much of the decade with a staggering amount of product. Although many associate P with The Big Easy, he established the No […]

Well this is interesting. Master P  revealed that the late Tupac Shakur could have become a “No Limit Soldier.” According to Percy Miller, the slain rapper was in line to potentially be drafted to his army.

C-Murder Denied Appeal Of Life Sentence   Master P’s younger brother C-Murder was denied an appeal of the life sentence he’s serving for 2nd Degree Murder. Murder, born Corey Miller, was found guilty of shooting 16-year-old Steve Thomas on Jan. 12, 2002, at a now-closed nightclub in Harvey, Louisiana.