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The history behind Master P’s No Limit Records is so dense, it could have a movie written about it. That is the plan for the 45-year-old multi-millionaire music mogul (a mouthful of M’s, we’ll say) to create a No Limit Records biopic down the line, but first he has some other fish to fry.

His upcoming fourteenth studio album titled Empire, will be his first project in more than a decade that is getting nationwide attention, thanks in part to his own maligned opinion on the Lamar Odom situation last week.

During a recent sitdown with HipHopDX, the Colonel of the newly revamped tank relived his glory days at No Limit Records where he could have altered history by signing deals with a multitude of legends including Eminem, T.I., Nas and a one Mr. Tupac Shakur.

“People seen what I did business wise so a lot of guys called me,” P recalled to Justin Hunte. “Anybody you can think of called me for advice or thinking “What can I do to get with No Limit.” From Eminem, to T.I. to anybody you could think of, we done had that conversation where they wanted to be with No Limit. It was sad, but [2Pac] was thinking “What could I do?” Same thing with Snoop Dogg. People started checking for us because they knew we was making money. They know we was printing money.”

“Everybody reached out. Nas came. Everybody reached out. I did a song with Nas back then with me and Mac. I thought that was a beautiful record but Mac went to prison and we never got a chance to do a video. I might remake that song. I thought that was a real message record that I thought touched a lot of people and I still think it can touch a lot of people. It’s called ‘Where Do We Go From Here.’ It’s like poetry. I think everybody did their thing on that record. I think everybody came relevant.”

Elsewhere in the interview, P discusses the downfall of former No Limit Soldiers, Mac, Mystikal and his own brother, C-Murder as well as his legacy in the South.

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