Mitt Romney hasn’t quite reached the level of acceptance when it comes to his failed presidential bid. Having sat down with Fox News for his first post-defeat interview since the November election over the weekend, Romney said that not winning the race for the country’s highest office “kills” him.

Following in the footsteps of the show of solidarity after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a non-partisan movement is asking that voters wear hoodies on Election Day. “Hoodie Vote,” aims to build on the same energy occurring after the 17-year-old’s death, and channel it towards civil engagement. The movement is alive on more than 50 college campuses […]

Depending on who you ask, Mitt Romney took a verbal beating during the third presidential debate Monday (Oct. 22), but he’s far from licking his wounds. Romney sees last night’s discourse as yet another example of President Obama’s refusal to outline a plan for his second term.

Fact checkers are on Mitt Romney’s tail again. The presidential hopeful and President Obama both want the coveted the female vote, and during their second debate earlier in the week, Romney claimed to have taken issue with the lack of women in his cabinet as governor of Massachusetts. Romney asserted that he reached out to women’s groups […]

With less than a month until the presidential election, First Lady Michelle Obama is reminding America that her husband’s four years in office have been helpful to the country. In an interview with Washington D.C.’s WPGC 95.5, Mrs. Obama praised her husband’s efforts in getting the economy back in order. “I mean, we are seeing […]

The son of Wisconsin Republican Senatorial candidate, Tommy Thompson may have thrown a wrench in his father’s campaign over distasteful comments about President Obama, but now he’s apologizing. According to Thompson’s campaign, Jason Thompson, apologizes for quipping that this year’s election is an opportunity to permanently remove Obama from Washington D.C. “We have the opportunity […]

President Obama asked the country to stick with him for another four years, during a rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention, Thursday (Sept.6). The POTUS outlined the path to get the country back on track in the midst of economic turmoil and laid out why, he is the best choice to carry out the […]

If Nicki Minaj makes the decision to endorse Mitt Romney in the forthcoming election, she may want to take care of something first: registering to vote. Minaj was flooded with media clips Tuesday (Sept. 4) when a snippet from  her lyrics on Lil Wayne’s Dedication 4 mixtape revealed that she is a Republican and voting for […]

The first lady knows how to get the job done. Michelle Obama closed day one of the Democratic National Convention with a rousing, partly emotional, speech igniting the crowd for the November election. During her address, the FLOTUS reminded the nation of the progress that President Obama has made over the last four years, and assured […]

Nicki Minaj is known to say a lot of crazy things in her music. As a true competitor in the lyrical sport, she will throw just about anything in the pot to make your ears perk up, but apparently her words about Mitt Romney mean that’s she’s officially endorsing him. During her feature on Lil […]

If you ever wanted to ask President Obama a question, now is the time. The commander in chief is taking questions from the public via the site Reddit, and posted a picture in front of his laptop Wednesday (Aug. 29) to prove that he’s actually responding to questions. he also posted a message on the […]

As expected, Kendrick Lamar’s belief that his vote doesn’t count has caused a firestorm.  Lamar’s proclamation that he “doesn’t’ believe in voting” likely raised the click-through rate on the Truth Is Scary website, and inserted the young rapper into the spotlight for his political views. Although Lamar is like one of many, both in Hip-Hop […]