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Fact checkers are on Mitt Romney’s tail again. The presidential hopeful and President Obama both want the coveted the female vote, and during their second debate earlier in the week, Romney claimed to have taken issue with the lack of women in his cabinet as governor of Massachusetts.

Romney asserted that he reached out to women’s groups to find female workers. “They brought us whole binders full of women [to hire],”  he said. As it turns out, the statement isn’t completely true, so says reporter, David Bernstein of  The Phoenix.

According to Bernstein, back in 2002, a bipartisan women’s group  in Massachusetts formed MassGAP aimed at addressing  the lack of women in the senior positions within the state’s government. Over 40 organizations were involved in sponsoring MassGAP including the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus. After doing some research the group put together a binder full of women, which they presented to Romney once he was elected, but there is no proof that he asked for the information.

Bernstein spoke with several people to solidify his claims, but gave Romney credit for appointing 14 women to senior level positions.

Romney has also come under fire for saying that his “entire life has been one of working with women and helping women through the glass ceiling,” in regards to his time with Bain & Co., a consulting firm.During a 1994 debate against the late Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, Romney took credit for putting women in executive positions with the company. Further inquiry revealed that while the first female chairman of Bain & Co. was appointed in 1993, Romney had already left the company to start Bain Capital.

Further damaging, is Romney’s decision to leave out the fact that in 1994 Bain Capitol had no women involved in a lucrative partnership with the company until after he left in 1999. As pointed out by Black Voices, during that time, only nine of the 95 vice presidents at the company were women, and none were minorities because they were “not attracted” to those kinds of positions—according to Romney.

This isn’t the first time that the Romney (or the president for that matter, who has also been accused of leaving out details during the debate) has been accused of twisting the truth.  During the Republican National Convention, his running mate Paul Ryan gave a speech steeped in inaccuracies.


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