NY Post

On Wednesday (Aug 26) just one day after the 17-year old gunman opened fire on a crowd of peaceful protestors gathered to call for justice after the police shooting of Jacob Blake, the New York Post posted an article seemingly sympathizing with Rittenhouse, while criminalizing Black victims. The newspaper promoted the article sharing the news of Rittenhouse's arrest by prominently displaying pictures of the teen cleaning up graffiti, after slandering victim Jacob Blake claiming he had a knife in his vehicle--a detail that was proven false by investigators.

Beyoncé and her rousing rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” was one of the most talked about moments of Barack Obama’s inauguration. Twenty-four hours later, stans continue to flood social networks with praises, memes and other forms of adornment for their beloved Queen Bey. However, the New York Post reports some heart wrenching news, claiming that Beyoncé lip-synched the […]

So much for no snitching. Chris Brown’s  lawyers are cooperating with the NYPD, reports TMZ, going as far as giving the cops evidence that Drake and Meek Mill were involved in the fracas that left Breezy’s chin bloodied.