50 Cent is expanding his Hollywood hustle. Paramount+ has announced they are developing new show by him titled Vice City.

According to reports, both Tyler Perry and Byron Allen have expressed their intent to purchase BET and its associated entities from Paramount Global. Perry has a pre-existing relationship with Paramount through film and television deals, while Allen has been steadily building a media empire which includes The Weather Channel and the Black News Channel.


Not since 8 Mile have we seen another feature film centered around an aspiring rapper using the battle rap scene to break into the game, but now Paramount+ is about to drop a just that for this new generation of Hip-Hoppers who may or may not be familiar with such underground events.

Harlem rapper and entrepreneur Cameron "Cam'Ron" Giles will host a new home makeover series Hip Hop My House on Paramount+.

"Yo! MTV Raps" is making a comeback on Paramount Plus. The revival of the influential television series dedicated to Hip-Hop will air on the streaming platform and will be preceded by 50 episodes of the original series which will begin airing on May 5th.

It's almost time to join up with Master Chief and the Silver Team to finish the fight in the new Halo television series coming exclusively to Paramount+.

Gamers are big mad about Cortana not being blue in the first trailer for Paramount+'s 'Halo' TV series.


While we don't know much about the series, it's Halo so best believe gamers will be tuning in when it premiers some time in 2022.

ViacomCBS hopes reboots of popular MTV shows plus some new original series will lure you over to Paramount Plus.