Acoli was reportedly a mentor to younger inmates and completed dozens of programs while maintaining an incident-free stay in prison for the past 25 years.

Bobby Shmurda may obtain an early release if things go well with his parole board hearing in August. His mother is confident she will see him free very soon and says he's ready to make new music again once he's free.

The tragic story of Nipsey Hussle’s murder gets harder to digest by the day. A friend of the late rapper has just been booked for his street connections.

Bobby Shmurda‘s rapid rise to Hip-Hop fame and the equally sudden fall from grace is one of the industry’s greatest cautionary tales. But if a recent Instagram post from the “Hot N*gga” rapper’s mother is true, Shmurda will be home by 2020.

Lauryn Hill was just released from federal prison a few days ago, and she’s not wasting anytime when it comes to getting her music career back on track. Reportedly, despite being ordered to three months of home confinement as part of her jail sentence for tax evasion, the ex-Fugees singer and MC is going on […]

O.J. Simpson has been granted  parole, but he’s not exactly free just yet. Simpson has been behind bars for the better half of four years.

Five men in Illinois have been charged in the armed robbery of attendees at a house party, overnight. Three of the suspects are on parole, and are accused of hitting a home in the Joliet Township, with police being called to the scene at around 3:30 a.m.

Tuesday, October 6 was meant to be the day when rapper Shyne would finally be out of confinement as he was scheduled to be released from prison.  This, however, was not the case as he is still being detained and is now facing the possibility of being deported. Shyne’s attorney Oscar Michelen emphasized on Tuesday […]

All hoods alike can stand in praise as rapper Shyne has served his time for the state and is set to be released today after facing a potential 10-year bid for a shooting back in 1999.  Eight years have passed since the cell closed behind the rapper, but now he will make his return to […]

Legally Moses Michael Leviy, but known to the rap world as Shyne is coming closer and closer to being among the free world as his sentence is almost up and he will be able to walk again as a free man. On December 27, 1999, a shooting at a Manhattan Club left the then 21-year-old […]