Ramsay tha Great was making cash pimping women he met on the Internet. The Los Angeles producer’s scheme has now led to a 10-year jail sentence. 

Eduardo Cornejo, a former NYPD police officer formerly accused of shuttling sex workers across the Tri-State after his work shifts, is facing new charges of  pimping. Cornejo apparently snitched on himself after taking to Instagram to brag about his recent exploits.

Who says the pimp hand isn’t strong? A Pennsylvania man, and his father are both on trial for allegedly pimping out a bunch of women, but got support in the form of one of the hookers in their employ.

A senior citizen was arrested for allegedly spearheading a prostitution ring out of the Englewood, N.J. elderly living complex where he resided. Police said Tuesday (May 14) that James Parham, 75, did everything from putting some of the elderly residents on the payroll, to allowing them (and visitors) to smoke crack out of his unit.