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Who says the pimp hand isn’t strong? A Pennsylvania man, and his father are both on trial for allegedly pimping out a bunch of women, but got support in the form of one of the hookers in their employ.

Vincent George Sr., 55, and his son, Vincent George Jr., 33, turned pimping into a family business. The father-son-duo are currently on trial on charges of s-x trafficking, money laundering and more. During Tuesday’s (May 28) proceedings, witness Danielle Geissler told the court that her pimp (George Jr.) is  a good person, whom she’s loves, and shares a child with.

“I love him….He’s a good father,” the Allentown, Pa. mother said. She and George Jr. have an 8-year-old daughter.

According to Geissler,  thanks to her pimp she lived in her own house, always had a “full fridge,” went on vacations, had two cars, and even though things got violent– that’s really  a minute detail. “We slapped each other around sometimes, but never ever over work or staying in the life,” she assured the court.

While prosecutors accuse both George’s of essentially keeping s-x slaves, Geissler had a much different interpretation. “He made sure I was safe,” she stated of her pimp/baby’s father, recalling how she and his four other “wives-in-law” formed a sisterhood of sorts. “We all took care of each other,” she said. “We had our ups and downs but for the most part, I loved him.”

When asked to elaborate on the “downs” of being with a pimp, Geissler gave an even more odd answer. “Um, me wanting something and not getting my way–like, um, d*ck. Especially around my period. I’d get extra h*rney and if I don’t get it when I wanted it I would hate the world.”

George Jr. reportedly smiled at his baby mother’s honesty remarking, “There she goes again.”

Geissler sold her body for 14 years, and sees Jr. as her saving grace. She started working for him on her 18th birthday, and later “begged him” to get “Daddy Ko” (a reference to his King Kobe nickname) tatted on her body. He’d sometimes call and threaten her, but she wrote it off as him just being a “phone thug.”

Once cross-examined, Geissler revealed a glimpse of a not-so-amazing lifestyle admitting that she doesn’t have a bank account, is in credit card debt, and pays a man a monthly mortgage on a house he’s promised to turn over to her.

As it turns out, Geissler isn’t the only woman standing behind the pimp team. Another prostitute, Desiree Ellis, gave similar testimony earlier in the month.

The Georges were busted last year. They are alleged to have hidden their “business” behind a music recording company, bringing in millions via the mobile hooker service. According to defense lawyer, Howard Greenberg, his clients were trying to “recruit” prostitutes, but that doesn’t really mean anything. “Of course they were trying to recruit prostitutes,” he said. “That’s a given in the case….So what? Big deal.”

Prosecutors, have had a tough time proving the case since most of their notes were damaged in Hurricane Sandy, late last year. They allege that the men were a heartless team, branded women with bar code tattoos, threatened physical violence if need be, and referred to the working girls as “animals.”

George Sr. is accused of not only teaching his son the ropes, but employing his own daughter as a hooker.

See photos from the trial below.

Photos: NY Daily News

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