money laundering

The Fugees reunion world tour was reportedly ground due to COVID-19 concerns. A new report says group member Pras Michel is in legal trouble.

Hushpuppi was charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles for a number of money laundering scams.

All skinfolk, ain't kinfolk. An Atlanta-based activist is making that quite clear after he got caught being funny with BLM donation money.

Pras Michel of Fugees fame was named in a money laundering scheme involving wanted fugitive Jho Low, but he’s urging the public to not take the current news as true. According to him, Pras believes the Justice Department is singling him out because of the color of this skin.

Who says the pimp hand isn’t strong? A Pennsylvania man, and his father are both on trial for allegedly pimping out a bunch of women, but got support in the form of one of the hookers in their employ.

Former U.S. Representative William Jefferson of Louisiana was convicted on 11 counts of corruption charges on Wednesday. Perhaps the most striking detail of the case was the $90,000 cash that was found in his freezer. Jefferson, 62, initially faced 16 corruption charges, but was ultimately convicted on four counts of bribery, three counts of money […]