Jada Pinkett Smith showed off a new photo on social media, prompting fans to unfairly compare her to Fat Joe and Pitbull.


There is no doubt that Fat Joe tells captivating stories. Uncle Luke is now weighing in on his claim that he put on Trick Daddy and Pitbull.

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  A great collaboration expands creativity and elevates the profile of all parties involved, a winning strategy that Wells Fargo encourages all the time. It’s why they work together with their customers to discuss their financial goals and help their hard-earned money go as far as possible. Hip-Hop music is a juxtaposition of styles by […]


Lee Daniels’ ambition to expand the Empire’s well…empire reached a zenith last night at FOX’s 2015 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour.


Pitbull has attracted some legal attention under the strenuous penal code of mo money, mo problems.


World Cup fever is officially swirling in the Brazilian year and the opening festivities were nothing short of sensational as Pitbull caught a bit of flak from those not familiar with his usual choice of attire.

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There is a perception that famous people can’t hold themselves down in a fight. Over the last couple of years this theory has been proven wrong time, and time again.


A wild-eyed man named Bernard Marsonek was arrested after he was caught allegedly having sex with a pitbull in his yard. One guess which state this all went down in? 

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Gary Oldman possesses the diversity to effectively pull off nearly every role thrown his way but that doesn’t mean he should cast his name in the mix to play Tupac anytime soon.

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Flo Rida apparently can’t believe ladies of the Caucasian persuasion can possess rotund derrieres. Thus, he wrote a song about, and here is the video for “Can’t Believe It,” featuring Pitbull. 


With a net worth that hovers around $500 million, Jay-Z is one of very few rap artists that can boast of untold riches while calling out false claims. To hammer the point home, a graphic chart featuring rappers and their cash-promoting rhymes highlights that some of them aren’t telling the truth about their earnings.

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Nick Cannon has his hands full. Between hosting NBC’s America’s Got Talent, starring in mock reality series Real Husbands of Hollywood and other ventures, it’s easy to forget Cannon also does music as well. Cannon will be releasing his fourth studio album, White People Party Music, this fall and recently shot a video for the […]