Scarface is known for putting Houston on the map in Hip-Hop and now the veteran rapper wants to put on for his city in politics.


With a proven bigot in office, the Hip-Hop community now is taking political matters into their hands. A new party has been launched and is seeking the help of some legendary MC’s for representation.

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While much of the conversation surrounding Kanye West’s supposed presidential bid in 2020 has died down, a grassroots movement has emerged from the ashes and have even developed a somewhat convincing commercial to boot.

We Barack’d the vote… now what? “He who pulls the purse strings pulls the strings of the puppet.” -I X 3 It is naïve to think that Hip-Hop culture within the United States in its present mainstream incarnations is a viable candidate for an empowerment movement. Firstly, consumer power doesn’t equate to political power. It […]