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Simone Smith and LL Cool J

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With a proven bigot in office, the Hip-Hop community now is taking political matters into their hands. A new party has been launched and is seeking the help of some legendary MC’s for representation.

Spearheaded by Jineea Butler, founder of the Hip Hop Union and Republican congressional candidate, the New American Party has been formed to advocate the interests and needs of urban communities.

The new political group is aiming to bring on some noted MC’s for representation. According to Butler she has been in communication with Busta Rhymes about potentially running in the New York Governor ballot. She has also reached out to LL Cool J who has yet to formally respond.

Jineea explains that securing top tier Rap talent as the face of the party will help drive awareness and votes. “We’re looking for somebody that can energize the vote so we can clear the 50,000 votes (needed to secure a guaranteed ballot line the next four years) and someone who resonates with millennials and young folks” she explained.

Even though her plans might be groundbreaking, time is against her. In order to secure a spot for the New American Party they would have to get 15,000 signatures via nomination petitions by August 21. However Butler remains confident she can get it done. “Part of what we want to show is that we can pull out large numbers in a short amount of time, that people can get involved in the political spectrum, and it’s worth the investment into the opportunity,” she claimed. “We’ve already got boots on the ground on this.”

Helping with this initiative is Eric B. of legendary Rap group Eric B. & Rakim. As of press time, Busta has not committed to a political run.

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