Since Nas dropped Hip Hop Is Dead back in 2006, many of the 90s era of rap has tossed in their two cents echoing the sentiment that today’s age of Hip Hop has become too saturated with imitators and not enough innovation. KRS-One recently made remarks towards the Def Jam label around the time of […]

Mayor of Newark, Cory Booker, has jumped through many hoops and over several hurdles to clean the image of one of the ugliest cities in America. Unfortunately, it seems that those residing within New Jersey’s mayoral offices like things the way they are, with all seeming to allow business to operate as usual. In Atlantic […]

President Obama has asked New York Governor David Paterson to bow out of the 2010 gubernatorial race due to his increasing unpopularity. Two senior administration officials and a New York democratic operative said that Obama sent the request behind speculations “that Mr. Paterson cannot recover from his dismal political standing.” A Queens democrat Rep. Gregory […]

It is no secret that President of Iran has long denied the validity of the Holocaust. Despite photos, video footage and personal accounts of concentration and death camps, Mahamoud Ahmadinejad is proud that the West and Israeli Jews are outraged at his position. In a report by IRNA released Monday, Ahmadinejad was quoted labeling Israelis […]

In an interview with CNN on that aired Sunday the President of the United States does not believe the racism is “the overriding issue” of the savage debate on health care reform. “Are there people out there who don’t like me because of race? I’m sure there are. That’s not the overriding issue here,” Obama […]

According to a study recently released by Reuters.com, nearly 45,000 American dies annually in the U.S due to lack of health care coverage. The alarming statistic boils down to one death every 12 minutes, Harvard Medical researchers found. Dr. David Himmelstein, co-author of the study and associate professor of medicine at Harvard, said, “We’re losing […]

Alan Wilson, South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson’s oldest son, spoke out about Former President Carter’s comments on the “you lie” outburst, saying it was “based on racism.” In his presidential center in Atlanta Tuesday (Sep.15), Carter said he believes Wilson’s outburst was racially motivated and made out of fears of an African-American president. “I think […]

Three elementary schools have made the honor role in a place that at one time was a scary place to school a child, Brooklyn. The Department of Education confirmed that Public Schools 31, 39, and 380 were on the national Blue Ribbon list this year. Mary Scarleto, the principle of Greenpoint’s PS 31 said that […]

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs rebuked allegations made by former President Jimmy Carter that racism is the undercurrent of the recent Anti-Obama backlash. A stammering and seemingly unconvinced Gibbs stood before the press at the White House and said, “The president does not believe that … that … [pause] that criticism comes based on […]

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said he believes racism is the culprit of the unrest as it relates to the current U.S. President, Barack Obama. During a demonstration in Washington organized by extreme conservative talk show hosts, Carter labeled what’s taking place in American society today “abominable.” ”I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely […]

Belleville, Illinois a town with a sordid history of racial tension including cross-burning and racial discrimination by police and hiring businesses. During his commentary on an incident that took place on a Belleville school bus, Limbaugh made a few statements that leave room for question. The incident took place Tuesday when a group of black […]

While Obama’s election had many feeling as though American as nation had overcome it’s long history of racial discrimination, is becoming clear that the president’s race is a problem for many. Congressman Joe Wilson, who now faces a “resolution of disapproval,” seems to have been the spark behind the political racial debate. Some members of […]