What was supposed to be a backyard celebration for the baptism of a child quickly turned to chaos for one Virginia family. Prince WIlliam County police were called to the house of 55-year-old Edgar Rodriguez who was hosting a party in his backyard for his granddaughter. The following events are at the heart of the […]

Authorities have issued a bench warrant for the former chief of staff of Bill Clinton’s Arkansas gubernatorial terms. Betsy Wright is expected to turn herself in for allegedly smuggling contraband into a state prison. According to CNN, Wright smuggled a Doritos bag filled with 48 tattoo needles, and pen with tweezers and a needle inside, […]

A 23-year-old Georgia man was convicted on terror-related charges after five-hours of deliberating, prosecutors said. Ehsanul Islam Sadequee of an Atlanta suburb was found guilty after a seven-day trial on four counts of supporting terrorism and a foreign terrorists organization, CNN reports. Just weeks ago, a federal judge convicted Sadequee’s accomplice, Syed Haris Ahmed, of […]

Georgia Democratic Congressman, David Scott, found a swastika spray painted on the sign outside his office on Tuesday (August 11). Scott believes the defacing of his sign is a refection of growing racial tension over the controversial health care policy. Members of Scott’s staff in Smyrna, Georgia arrived Tuesday morning and discovered a Nazi swastika […]

What seemed to be normal courtroom proceedings in Joliet, Illinois quickly turned bizarre when a spectator was jailed for yawning. Clifton Williams was in no way the defendant that day in the courtroom, he was simply a witness to his cousin’s sentencing on drug charges. As Judge Daniel Rozak was delivering Williams’ cousin a two-year […]

At about 8:20 p.m. Saturday evening, a riot erupted in a 1,300-man, medium-security prison after a fight between African American and Latino inmates. After the unit was locked down, 55 inmates were taken to hospitals from the California Institution for Men in Chino. According to the L.A.Times, anarchy ensued and lasted about four hours in […]

In recent weeks, town-hall meetings on the Obama administration’s proposed health care reform have sent tempers a ablaze and, in some cities, escalated to violence among supporters and protestors. High-ranking Senatorial Democrat, package Durbin, recently criticized the demonstration, and referred to the upsets as a violation of “the democratic process.” In sharp contrast, however, Republican […]

President Obama is scheduled to meet with the leaders of Mexico and Canada in Guadalajara, Mexico on Monday to discuss a broad range of issues. The President of the United States arrived in Mexico’s second largest city Sunday evening to meet with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper. Although the three […]

Do you have a gas-guzzzling piece is scrap metal passing for a car? Did you miss the one week government incentives to get cash for your clunker? Well never fear, because the auto industry had the best week it’s seen in months thanks to the Obama administrations progressive thinking “cash for clunkers” program. Before leaving […]

A poster of Obama in make-up resembling the Joker, a character from the film “The Dark Knight,” went viral immediately in the streets of Los Angeles, under the image is the word “socialism.” The “artist” remains silent. As if the picture isn’t discourteous enough, the implication of Obama single-handedly reforming government and society into socialism […]