The GOP senator made explosive claims that policing reform talks in Congress fell apart due to defunding the police being included in measures, but it appears Scott lied about it.

The controversial conservative commentator and media personality found herself trending on the social media service after a reported parody account tweeted an image of former Trumper Stacey Dash in Owens' stead.

Thomas recently gave a talk at a major university in Indiana, expressing that the nation's highest court does not play partisan political games but some on Twitter disagree with the assertion.

On Thursday (September 9), President Biden announced a set of new vaccine mandates, and as expected, pushback from some Americans has been ramping up on social medial.

A woman in a gorilla mask attempted to egg Elder and members of his security team were allegedly hit with a pellet gun and folks online are trying to make it seem like Elder was the victim of a hate crime.

Cancún Cruz shot off a lazy "get a job" tweet after an ABC News affiliate tweeted a report that jobless Americans are facing fewer options as benefits are starting to run out.

Once more, Owens finds herself a trending topic on Twitter after she shared an email from a private facility in Colorado that refused to give her a test based on her anti-mask and vaccine information mark.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn, one of the youngest members in the U.S. Congress, became a champion of the far right with his pro-Trump stances and passionate devotion to conservative values. The 26-year-old North Carolina congressman once again drummed support from the MAGA segment of America by falsely claiming that the current election system is rigged and […]

This time, the Fox News host took a swipe at Americans receiving unemployment benefits and suggested a way to get them back to work is to cut off their privileges.

With the economy slowly recovering and normalcy appearing to be on the rise, Child Tax Credit payments will begin hitting bank accounts this week.

There has been heavy speculation of Russian meddling in American politics for years but this would be the biggest revelation yet.

News broke early Wednesday (July 7) that Haiti President Jovenel Moïse was killed during an attack on his residence by several gunmen, leaving his wife injured. As the news is still developing, we've scoured several news outlets to gain more information.