Another luxury retailer is putting their money where their mouth is. Prada has announced they too will be pivoting their production to benefit the medical field.

The Big Apple is asking one of the most iconic brands in history to pay like they weigh for a faux paux of grand proportions. Prada is moving forward with restitution to NYC for their cultural insensitivity.

Frank Ocean has once again taken his talents to the fashion game. He is now the face for one of the coveted brands in the world.

After weeks of rumors and leaks one of the most awaited drops has become a reality. The Prada x adidas collaboration is officially here.

The sneaker game is about to get a jolt for Q4. It seems two of the biggest brands will be indeed working together for a special release.

It seems the shoe game will get thrown another curveball before the year is done. Two of the biggest names in footwear might be partnering up in the near future.

According to rumors, adidas, and Prada are joining forces to drop a collaborative sneaker that should excite kicks enthusiasts.

Someone, probably a number of people, at Prada played themselves. The luxury brand, and specifically its Soho, NYC store’s storefront, face criticism and backlash for a collection that looked strikingly similar to Blackface imagery that made it into a window display.