Tyga releases another video off of his new mixtape, 187, by splitting duties between “Clique” and “F**king Problems.” 

Think you’re stressed? On “Problems,” Marcus Manchild flips tales about topics (family deaths, baby mama drama, etc.) that can make anyone resort to popping pills, drinking liquor or smoking weed to cope. The Houston young gun also gets some verbal assistance from one Bun B. Watch the Michael Artis directed video for “Problems,” off the Space […]

Marcus Manchild gets back to the music with the release of “Problems,” featuring Bun B. The Texas MC will be dropping his next mixtape Space Jams 2, on March 13th.   Download Here   MORE ON HIP-HOP WIRED! • That Was Me First: 10 Rappers That Made Hip-Hop History • The Top 10 Hip-Hop Sneakers […]

Kid Cudi’s riding high on the success of his debut album and his rise in fame and fortune. His debut album, The Man On the Moon:  The End Of Day is a hit, he’s been added to 50 Cent’s starting lineup for 50 Fest and set to star in a new TV show. Unfortunately for […]